What will he do?      What will he NOT do?

I Pledge To:

  • Fully support our local law enforcement and  the States'  Attorney office this is Priority #1.  We must have a safe and lawful county for everyone to enjoy.
  • Fully support our local Fire and Rescue, this is Priority #2.   A modern society expects to call 911 and have help show up after law enforcement has secured the area.
  • To be certain our infrastructure including roads, water, sewer, electricity and other basic needs are met and maintained, this is Priority #3. 
  • Support our Frederick County Public School System, this is priority #4.  FCPS must be in this priority position because they are the future of priorities #1, #2, #3.
  • Listen diligently with an open mind to ALL constituent concerns.
  • Perform ALL duties in an open and clear format.
  • Make decisions based on facts, testimony and good common sense.
  • Vote to treat every tax dollar as if it were my own, especially since some of it is.
  • Hold our tax spenders accountable.
  • Work to solicit stable jobs in our county.
  • Increase outreach for stakeholders for trades, manufacturing and STEM positions.
  • Work on better tax credits and less government intrusion for our senior community.
  • Keep the County Executive in check as required by our Charter.

I Pledge Never To:

  • Make backroom deals for any purpose.
  • Vote solely on political party lines.
  • Vote for any bill to make us a sanctuary county for ILLEGAL immigrants.
  • Work as your Councilman for more than two terms.