I've had tragedy in my life, but also have a lot to celebrate. I have learned that pain brings purpose and I refuse to accept the status quo. I surround myself with knowledgeable people and work hard to fix inequities that stain our society.

On September 29, 2009, my mother was murdered by my father.  At that time, a murderer could actually benefit from the victim he killed by collecting from the victim's estate or life insurance policy.  I championed the passage of the Ann Sue Metz Slayer Law which now prohibits a murderer from collecting from his victim in any way.

As the ONLY candidate in this race who is a lifelong resident of Frederick County, I understand the viewpoints of residents, business owners and taxpayers. I am the only candidate to raise two successful children to adults through FCPS. They have both chose a career in public education. I have attended church in Frederick County and I am the only candidate to understand the pain and road blocks of building and expanding a business in Frederick County.

Serving as Chief Judge of the Orphans' Court has enhanced my skill set of researching, listening, reasoning and ultimately making a decision that will serve in the best interests of all involved.  I intend to fully use these skills for the benefit of the citizens of Frederick County.

Unfortunately, back room deals and party line votes happen all the time. However, we can stop the madness one person at a time by electing persons who represent all citizens and not special interest groups.

I humbly ask for your vote by getting  "Hooked on Trout"  for County Council District 4.


Murder became my motive after my father killed my mother and benefited from the crime. I have proven commitment and leadership that resulted in passage of the Ann Sue Metz Slayer Law which protects the victims and families of violent crime.

In an effort to educate and serve the public, I was elected Chief Judge of the Orphans' Court from 2014 to 2018.

I believe one person /one family can make a difference.

  • Independent Thinker
  • Committed to listening to "ALL" residents
  • Believes in smaller government and term limits
  • Along with fiscal responsibility, we must look out for the well being of our seniors, veterans & students
  • Firmly believes political correctness has run amuck. We are all Americans and in this together. Let's make a change NOW by getting "Hooked on Trout" for Council District 4.

Phone  - 301-898-0552